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  • Release date:2016-03-22
  • Work Place:Beijing
  • 部门:计划财务部
  • Recruiting Numbers:Several persons
1.Be responsible for the Company's assets and liability management, including the analysis and monitoring of interest rate risk, liquidity risk, spread loss risk, and product design risk etc, organize to complete the assets and liabilities management reports.
2.Be responsible for the risk assessment report and daily monitoring in the process of the assets and liabilities management.
3.Be responsible for the formulation of risk appetite, tolerance and limits relevant to assets and liabilities risks.
4.Be responsible for the construction and maintenance of assets and liabilities management system and process.
5.Other work relevant to the assets and liabilities management.
1.With first degree of bachelor or above; a candidate with finance, economics or related major is preferred.
2.With 5 years or above of working experience in banking, trust, financial leasing and other financial industries.
3.For the management jobs, the candidates should have certain grass-root work experience and more than 3 years of management experiences.
4. The candidates should be honesty and self-discipline with good character and moral integrity which is affirmed by clients and colleagues.
5. With good organization and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and good team work spirit.
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