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On the morning of May 17, Wan Xiaofang, president of our company and a team led by her made on-the-spot investigation of Runze Technology Development Co., Ltd (hereinafter Runze), in Langfang City, Hebei Province, and she communicated and negotiated with president Zhou Chaonan on business cooperation. The investigation was accompanied by Pu Gang, general manager of business planning department, Duan Run, general manager of Electronic Information Leasing Department, GuHanjie, deputy general manager of Credit Review Department, and other staff.

Accompanied by president Zhou Chaonan, president Wan Xiaofang visited the computer room of Runze, and heard the introduction on its development in recent years and strategic planning for the future. Thereafter, president Wan Xiaofangsuggested, cooperation between Minsheng Financial Leasing and Runze is of a long-standing history, with high mutual recognition, in the future, Minsheng Financial Leasing will further strengthen communication on aspects like business cooperation and service innovation with Runze, enhancing cooperation between both parties in terms of both depth and width, so as to achieve joint development and a mutual benefit & win-win result.

While President Zhou Chaonan suggested, Minsheng Financial Leasing, as a leading enterprise in the leasing industry of China, is the champ of the financial leasing industry, and in developing business cooperation with Minsheng Financial Leasing, it’s not only capable of achieve a mutual benefit and win-win result, also, it serves as an opportunity for us to learn from Minsheng Financial Leasing and make advancement. He suggested, on the basis of previous successful cooperation, Runze would like to strengthen in-depth cooperation with Minsheng Financial Leasing in the data center industry.

Later, the two parties had in-depth communication on aspects like area of cooperation and specific projects, which has laid a foundation for further cooperation.

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