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Minsheng Financial Leasing Successfully Delivered Container Ship to Mediterranean Shipping Company

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Recently, in South Korea, Minsheng Financial Leasing has successfully delivered a 18400TEU (TEU) container ship MSC MAYA to the Mediterranean Shipping Company. So far, the merchant ships of our company has comprehensively entered the era of large container fleets.


It is understood that the ship was manufactured by South Korea\'s Daewoo Shipyard and was the first delivered ship of the cooperation project of three 18400TEU container ships between our company and the Mediterranean Shipping Company. Mediterranean Shipping Company enjoys wide-spread reputation in the world, which is ranked the third in terms of the scale among container shipping companies across the globe. South Korea\'s Daewoo Shipyard is also one of the world\'s top time-honored shipbuilding companies. The successful delivery of this ship represents an important outcome of first cooperation between the company and the world\'s leading shipping company and shipyard, which has successfully filled the gap of the company in the container ship leasing sector, indicating further improvement of the company’s ability of international operations.
The delivered ship is one of the world\'s largest container ships, with a total length of 381 meters, molded breadth of 59 meters and tonnage of 192,200 tons, Mediterranean Shipping Company adopted a beautiful name of MAYA to name it. It is reported that the ship officially set sail on August 19, 2015 from Busan, South Korea, beginning its maiden voyage from the Far East to Europe.

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