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The Company Completed the First Fully Internationalized Operation Drilling Platform Project of the Domestic Leasing Industry

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On November 6, 2014, 400 feet jack-up drilling platform \"Tasha\" of the Company in cooperation with the Indonesian largest drilling contractor Apexindo Company by the mode of finance lease was smooth delivered. The company completed the handover in Hong Kong to the shipyard and the lessee, and became the platform owner through registration. The project is the first fully internationalized operation jack-up drilling platform in the domestic leasing industry: the use of foreign funds, domestic construction companies and foreign companies chartering, pushing the domestic advanced ocean engineering manufacturing industry to the international market. This established the efficient and professional image of the company in the international ocean engineering market, and laid a good foundation for the company to further expand the international ocean engineering market.


JU2000E type rigs - the underlying asset of the platform, is the mainstream jack-up drilling rig that has the highest degree of market acceptance, and constructed by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co., Ltd. Through the successful operation of the project, the company successfully entered the international drilling market for the first time by relying on the mainstream assets and mainstream customers.The ship trading price is US$229 million, but the assessed market value is up to US$240 million, which is the largest single lease asset of the company currently. Apexindo project is the largest tenant of Indonesia, and the third biggest drilling contractors in Southeast Asia. It has established long-term cooperative relations with many other major international oil companies like TOTAL with extensive experiences in rig operations. The platform has obtain a long-term lease of Malaysia\'s National Oil Company, and will soon leave Dalian and go to Malaysian water area for operation.

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