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\"Second Five-year Plan\" Composes New Chapter Mensheng Lease Restarts

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On November 1, the troublesome haze of many days dispersed, Beijing ushered in the sunny weather. \"Second Five-year Plan\" Composes New Chapter, Mensheng Lease Restarts - 2014 Autumn Mountaineering Activity of Minsheng Financial Lease was held successfully at Phoenix Ridge in the suburbs of Beijing. Hundreds of climbers depart from Beijing Friendship Hotel and launched a fierce climbing competition in Phoenix Ridge.
In a brief departure ceremony, the labor union Chairman Qiao Kai made a mobilization for the staff. The company successfully held the first autumn mountaineering activity in the 2010. All employees climbed Phoenix Ridge and made the good result of encouraging morale. The Year 2014 is the company\'s transformation enhancement year, also an important stage for achieving \"Focus on strength, Practice internal work\" of \"Second Five-year Plan\". The climbing activity aims to carry forward the spirit of enterprising and overcoming difficulties, encourage the team morale again, spark new fighting spirit and accumulate new forces for Minsheng Lease soon to become Asia\'s leading financial leasing company, build a communication platform for new and old employees, and enhance the team cohesion so as to sublime the unique corporate culture of Minsheng Lease in the process of the \"Scale new heights, determined to climb to the top\".
Phoenix Ridge scenic spot Located in Northwest Beijing has waving hills, strange rocks everywhere, red leaves and pleasant autumn.  Our climbing team was in fine fettle with high enthusiasm, not afraid of the rugged mountain, and struggled to climb aboard the 2100-meter peak by mutual supports finally, which fully exhibits Minsheng Lease People\'s spirit and high morale. While scanning hills and enjoying the beauty of nature on the hilltop, we also really appreciated the pleasure to conquest the peak. In the downhill process, we began a fun trip of treasure hunting and adventure .
After more than one hour of climbing, ultimately the 5th team led by the assistant to the president Luo Mingyan, the 2nd team led by the chairman of the Board of Supervisors Liu Chaoyang and the 3rd team led by vice president Qiao Kai gained Champion, runner-up and second runner-up respectively; The Ship Leasing Division won the Best Organization Award. As for personal Achievements, Chan Yan and Cheng Ye won the men and women climbing champion with their good physique; Mi Dongsheng, Tang Min, An Baishan and Sun Shuai won the men\'s second to fifth places severally; Chao Xiushui, Wang Ting, Huang Mei and Huang Yun won the women\'s second to fifth places respectively.
After the game, the company leaders issued the awards for the winning team and individual respectively. Liu Chaoyang, chairman of the board of Supervisors, and President Zhou Wei delivered speeches respectively. They highly praised this activity, and encouraged everyone to redouble their efforts, and bring the spirits of hard work, braveness and scaling the heights to the future work and life to make more brilliant achievements. On behalf of the trade union committee, vice president  Qiao said that in the future, more activities will be held to enrich the cultural life of the staff so that we feel home culture of Minsheng Lease, enjoy life and work happily.

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