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The Company Won \"Deals of the Year\" Awarded by Annual International Air Finance Conference

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On May 22 (America/New York Time), our company won \"Deals of the Year\" awarded by Annual International Air Finance Conference. In 2013, our Airplane Leasing Dept. completed the purchase of 13 airplanes asset package from SMBC Aviation Capital, up to 477 million US Dollars, causing a great effect on international aviation financing field. The award of \"Deals of the Year\" is the affirmation and commendation for this deal, marking that Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd has entered the mainstream international aircraft market in less than one year and laying a solid foundation for future bloom.


Entering commercial aviation field on July 3, 2013, we planned to open up a market, store high-quality customers step by step through purchasing airplane assets package, leaseback and other business modes, and order new airplanes from Boeing and Airbus progressively with expanding international market oriented and domestic market as complementary; and planned to become a leading commercial airplane leasing company in Asia-Pacific region within 5 years and an important participator within 10 years in the international commercial airplane leasing market. At present, 17 Minsheng commercial airplanes have been delivered, and it is estimated to reach the asset size of 50 airplanes at the end of 2014.

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