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Executive Vice President Wang Rong Awarded “CFO Annual Person in China in 2013”

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On April 18, 2015, the seventh session of China CFO annual meeting and the unveiling ceremony of “CFO annual person in China in 2013” were held in Beijing International School of Accountancy, and Ms. Wang Rong, executive vice president and chief financial officer of our company was awarded the title of “CFO annual person in China in 2013”.


 “Election of CFO annual person in China” is approved by Ministry of Finance and organized by the New Finance magazine, and is the most influential high-end activity in the finance and accounting field. The election activity won tremendous supports from institutions such as Accounting Society of China, China Association of Chief Financial Officers, China Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Beijing International School of Accountancy, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. This election experienced elements such as nomination, preliminary selection, online announcement, public voting and voting of China CFO election committee, and the final winning candidates were finally confirmed in accordance with weight of relevant votes and comprehensive assessment. 
After summarizing opinions from various parties, China CFO annual person election committee believed that: as the executive vice president and chief financial officer of a young company of an emerging industry, Wang Rong led her team, innovated aggressively and kept forging ahead. Firstly, she confirmed the new framework and new system of accounting calculation and information disclosure of leasing industry creatively; secondly, she actively coped with “replacing business tax with value-added tax” and aggressively improved taxation environment of leasing industry; thirdly, she pushed the company to participate in revision of international leasing principles on behalf of leasing industry of China. With very fruitful financial management and steady capital operation, Wang Rong became the first person who won the distinctive honor in leasing industry in China. 
This award winning is not only an affirmation of China CFO annual person election committee and relevant parties for executive vice present Wang Rong, but also a high recognition over overall financial management works of Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. 

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