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MSFL Operation Performance Rated as Excellent

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In the financial enterprise performance evaluation organized by Tianjin Finance Bureau recently, MSFL was rated “Excellent (A)” with the score of 81.62. The evaluation results indicate that MSFL operation performance is at an excellent level among the other nationwide financial enterprises.
The financial enterprise performance evaluation, a comprehensive evaluation on the profitability, asset quality, solvency and business growth of financial enterprises in a fiscal year, is the most authoritative financial enterprise performance evaluation in the country. According to the Ministry of Finance Notice on Methods in Issuing Financial Enterprise Performance Evaluation, the national banking, insurance, securities and all other categories of financial institutions are within the scope of this evaluation.
Tianjin Financial Bureau organized and implemented 2012 local financial enterprises operation performance evaluation in accordance with the requirements of the abovementioned Notification. The evaluation results were finally determined, in an objective, fair and just manner through strict review and re-checking, according to 2012 financial accounting report and relevant data provided by the companies in stake. The evaluation rating “Excellent” indicates also an affirmation of MSFL’s long-term focus on management quality by the local financial sector.

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