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CPC held “July 1st Youth of the Future” Founding Day Celebration and New Employees Symposium

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Hot summer in July is the time of effervescence. In the afternoon of July 1st, 2013, the Party Committee and the Youth League Committee of MSFL held a CPC Founding Day Celebration and New Employee Symposium at Xiang Shan MSFL Business Aircraft Club. At the grand ceremony of 92th CPC Founding Day, the company solemnly commemorated its anniversary, recalling the Party’s glorious history and at the same time welcoming large number of new employees in a meaningful and profound manner. All the members of MSFL Party Committee and all the new employees joined the discussion activities.


The symposium was rich in content. Firstly, all the attendees watched the video about the event “Dedication and love for deaf children” organized by the Youth League Committee of MSFL. Laughter of deaf children touched hearts of all of the attendees. Then, more than a dozen passionate representatives of the new employees spoke about their thoughts on joining the MSFL family. A number of brilliant speeches were delivered discussing how to be a dedicated and efficient employee, how to address challenges at work and realize career plans and lifelong ideals. The whole symposium was filled with interesting and enlightening thoughts shared.
Kong Linshan, Secretary of CPC Committee at MSFL, encouraged the new employees to cherish this rare development platform and this great era we live in, to unite together as a team to combat difficulties, raising the Party’s flag honorably and contributing to the company’s rapid development. He also expressed his five expectations from the new employees. Firstly, they are expected to be fully dedicated to their work, seeing company’s values as their own, as a way to realize their dreams, where the fates of individuals and companies are closely linked to grow together. Secondly, they’re expected to be passionate and have a spirit that never yields in spite of the challenges on the way. Thirdly, they’re expected to cultivate the spirit that can bear hardships, especially facing the market; fourthly, to be creative and dare to question and innovate; last but not the least, to have the overall concept of dedication and spirit of collaboration.
As night fell the light inside and outside of the venue was lit and the atmosphere was warm. Talent show of the new employees marked the climax of the event. “To Youth – a Better Tomorrow Lies Ahead” reflected with humorous language the daily work at MSFL, winning ceaseless laughter. There were also poetry readings followed by music like “Ode to May Fourth”, and a semi chorus from “Sunshine Season”. The youthful and passionate spirit of the new employees could be seen everywhere. The musical “How Could I Not Miss Her?”, adapted in an original approach, demonstrated a young student’s love for his country. Finally, the symposium ended joyfully with the chorus from “We Are One Family” in signing and laughter. The sense of identity and cohesiveness within the group was greatly enhanced thanks to the event. 

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