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MSFL was awarded “Best Service Provider in Freight Financing” 10th Golden Reel Award

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On June 25th, MSFL was awarded the “Best service provider in freight financing” 10th Golden Reel Award on the 10th China Freight Industry Awards event in Pudong, Shanghai, which is the highest prize in freight operations supporting field. 
Hosted by China Shipping Gazette magazine, China Freight Industry Awards enjoys high recognition and influence in the freight and logistics industry both at home and abroad. Its selection lists include enterprises in areas of shipping, port, freight forwarding, shipping agencies and shipping support industry in China. After the list collecting, its review, paper voting and online voting, three banks including SPDB and CIB, as well as seven leasing companies including ICBC Leasing and MSFL have been shortlisted as the top ten financial service providers in freight industry. On the morning of June 25th, after the site assessment, MSFL took the second place on the list. At the Awards Dinner, leaders of Ministry of Transportation awarded the medal to MSFL delegates in the presence of more than 500 guests working for governments, associations, shipping businesses and other companies in the industry. 
This award fully showed the industry recognition of MSFL’s achievements and contributions in shipping and finance fields, and it brought both encouragement and motivation to the newly established shipping chartering division at MSFL.

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