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MSFL Won Award for “ Financial Leasing Company of 2012” at 21st Century Asian Financial Annual Meeting

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    On December 2,2011, MSFL was awarded the “ Financial Company of 2012” prize at the 7th 21st century Asian Financial Annual Meeting   after evaluation as part of  “ Academic Committee of Asian BankCompetitiveness Rankings, 2012”. This honour was bestowed upon the company following the “Most Competitive Financial Service Award” and “Award of Financial Leasing Company with Best Brand Value” that MSFL had won in 2010 and 2011, respectively.
    Sponsored by21st Century Economic Herald (a mainstream financial media source in China) the 21st century Asia Financial Annual Meeting owns and releases  the Asian Banks Competitiveness Report annually, in Beijing. Through many years’ accumulation and development, the 21st century Asia Financial Annual Meeting has become an important platform for communication and dialogue amongst the top business leaders from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, South Korea and other Asian countries,  and even those from the European and American financial sectors. It   can truly be described as a pan Asian financial summit .
    The evaluation of the annual bank competitiveness rankings  in this year\'s Asian Banks Competitiveness Report  was performed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and other authoritative institutions on the basis of in-depth  research. AThis evaluation was undertaken from the following three perspectives:  income indicators, objective indicators and subjective evaluation, combined with social opinion and feedback received by the organising committee over the years. This information is treated  in accordance with the principles of fairness, justness and openness.
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