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MSFL Board Brand-Building Workshop A Success

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    The MSFL Board of Directors successfully ran a brand-building workshop in Sabah, Malaysia, on November 24th, 2012. During the workshop, the Board laid down the preliminary overall strategy for its second five-year expansion plan, namely, to focus on “One Overall Aim”“Five, Core Tasks”, “Three Programs” and “Three Safeguarding Measures”. All of MSFL’s undertakings, including brand building, were at the centre of these strategic development goals, thus serving the requirements of strategic development and  business expansion. The workshop, convened and chaired by the Director, Liu Zhouwei. It was attended by Director Chen Tong (an authoritative public figure and the incumbent Executive Director and Chief Editor of, a famous online media source), Liu Jian (Proprietor and Chief Editor of The Economic Observer), Yang Zaifei (Chief Consultant to UTOP), Liao Lingjun (senior financial reporter from Global Entrepreneur, run by 21st Century Media Group) and representatives  of some of MSFL’s clients.   \"\"

    The workshop discussed the role of MSFL’s finance leasing operation as an integral component of CMBC’s conglomeration strategy. Brand building for MSFL constitutes an integral part of CMBC’s brand development initiative which, while serving and coordinating with the CMBC’s brand development initiative, highlighted the special services of MSFL and its role as a subsidiary in enhancing and contributing to the development of brand value  within CMBC.   

    The workshop covered MSFL’s brand building plan in depth, in terms of its positioning, core tasks, model selection and implementation plans. News media and financial professionals present at the event offered constructive, original advice and opinions that were pertinent to the brand building plan and its main points. 
    Also discussed were specific measures and steps to be taken in order to build the brand. 

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