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“New Financing · New Fisheries” Seminar on Supporting China’s Fisheries was Successfully Led by MSFL

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On October 16, 2012, the seminar, led by Mr. Dong Linshan, Chairman of MSFL, and the management team, along with all the employees from the Shipping Leasing Department and the staff from the middle end of the company, accompanied Mr. Cui Lifeng, Vice Director of the Bureau of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture in conducting research at Penglai in Shandong province, and participating in the MSFL Seminar on the topic Supporting China’s Fisheries on the theme of “New Financing, New Fisheries”. The seminar was concerned the status of pelagic fisheries ,and discussed how to make use of the new modern financial tools available, in order to best support technological innovation and the industry upgrade of China’s pelagic fishing industry. Leaders from the Shandong Provincial Ocean and Piscatorial Administration, and Chinese Fishing Gear and Fishing Machine Industry Association, along with representatives from domestic pelagic fishery companies, also participated in the meeting.


At the meeting, the MSFL Shipping Leasing Department introduced their latest shipping leasing business model, the status of development, and MSFL’s vision and plans to support China’s fishing industry. Wang Hong, the Chairman of Shandong Huiyang Group briefed the audience on the development of China’s pelagic fisheries and extended sincere appreciation to the country as a whole  for the supporting policies granted, and to MSFL in particular, for its willingness to support the development of the pelagic fishing industry. The participating guests and experts also offered constructive opinions and suggestions with regards to the ocean economy and pelagic fisheries, and how financial services in the form of leasing could be used in facilitating further development.


Zhou Wei, President of MSFL, and Wang Hong, Chairman of Shandong Huiyang Group, signed a Framework Agreement on Business Cooperation.  Wang Weijie, Vice Director of Shandong Provincial Ocean and Piscatorial Administration, Li Yuanhui, Executive Deputy Mayor of Penglai City, and Cui Lifeng, Vice Director of Bureau of Fisheries of Ministry of Agriculture made important speeches at the meeting.

Chairman Kong Linshan pointed out that MSFL would implement the “Blue Ocean 51000” plan, for the purpose of supporting the development of China’s pelagic fisheries in the next five years. According to the plan, MSFL will instigate comprehensive cooperation with the Modern Agriculture SBU of Minsheng Bank, under the full support of Minsheng Bank, and provide intensive financial support, as well as upgrading the standard of China’s fishery equipment, in order to serve the needs of national strategy, and drive the development and transformation of China’s fishing industry.


The seminar was warmly received by, and received full support from, the Bureau of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture, Shandong Provincial Ocean and Piscatorial Administration, and the municipal governments of Yantai and Penglai. Minsheng Bank also provided great support at the seminar. Representing the various departments of Minsheng Bank, Li Linhui, President of Minsheng Modern Agriculture Finance SBU, Yang Xinjun, Governor of Qingdao Branch, and Miao Yong, Chairman of Penglai Minsheng Township Bank participated in the seminar and offered specific support measures. (Article/Shipping Leasing Department)


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