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A Grand Ceremony Held to Lay the Foundation of CDB Financial Centre--Minsheng Building in Shenzhend

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A grand ceremony was held to lay the foundation of the CDB Financial Centre – Minsheng Building at the construction site in the centre of Futian in Shenzhen on November 2nd, 2012. 

Chen Yingchun, Vice Mayor and member of the Standing Party Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, attended the ceremony. Zhao Jianping, member of the Party Committee at the State Development Bank, Liang Yutang, Vice Chairman of China Minsheng Bank, Xiong Liangjun, Director of the Shenzhen Banking Regulatory Bureau, Zhou Wei, President of Minsheng Financial Leasing Co. Ltd, alongside with representatives from the design, construction and supervision companies also attended the ceremony. 

Located within the CBD of Shenzhen, the CDB Financial Centre – the Minsheng Building consists of two towers of modern architectural design and is the key project of the Shengzhen municipality.  

The CDB Financial Centre – Minsheng Building boasts an energy saving overall design layout and adheres to environmental protection standards. It is expected to become a new landmark in Shenzhen, facilitating the functions of the Shenzhen financial district and enhancing the image of the city. It serves as a recent example of an achievement which symbolises the cooperation between MSFL and the CDB Leasing Corporation.



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