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On September 28, the Sixth China Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit was opened in Tianjin, with the theme of "Leaping Forward, Sharing in Mutual Development -- Focus on the Era of Air Assets Management in China ". Tianjin Municipal Government and relevant authorities attached great importance to the summit, and Tianjin Vice Mayor Yan Qingmin attended it and delivered a speech. The Company’s President Wan Xiaofang who was invited to attend the summit gave a keynote speech. The head and key staff of the Company's Aircraft Leasing BU (Business Unit) together with our major clients based on invitation inparticipated in the summit.

Vice Mayor Yan pointed out that it was an extraordinarily past decade for the development of air finance in China, and also a decade of leaping development for China's financial leasing industry. This year, the successful test flight of China's first large passenger jet C919 marks a new era of air industry in China. Airbus entered Tianjin in 2007,Tianjin delivered the Airbus A330 shortly before, and completed its overall delivery in 2017. These are signs that the leasing industry is making a substantial contribution to the air industry.

The Company's President Wan Xiaofang made a speech to the summit on the theme of "New Development Trends of Corporate Air Leasing Industry: The Market for Second-hand Corporate Jet is Heating Up".

In her speech, she pointed out that the domestic air financial leasing market has developed rapidly in the past ten years. As the first financial leasing company to conduct corporate air leasing business, Minsheng Financial Leasing also witnessed the metamorphosis process of the market from explosive growth to gradually rational situation. Based on gradual perfect of the market and more rational demand, the second-hand corporate jet transaction is becoming a new growth point, with very active trading in the global market. The domestic second-hand buisness jet trading demand is gradually released, and the domestic corporate air market is in line with international standards progressively.

In face of the new opportunities brought by the second-hand corporate jet trading globalization and the subsequent problems and difficulties, President Wan said that Minsheng Financial Leasing, as a steadfast financial partner of corporate air industry, hopes to cooperate with more excellent enterprises, seizes the new growth point of corporate air leasing field, namely second-hand corporate jet transaction, jointly cultivates and improves the domestic second-hand corporate jet trading market with international awareness, competitiveness and influence, walking into the new journey of air finance in China.

At the summit, the Company's refinancing project of two A380 jets won Financing Innovation Award of the 5th China Air Finance Wanhu Awards. In June 2017, the Company made a withdrawal with EIBC (Export-Import Bank of China) as to the financial leasing project of two A380 jets. It is the domestic first cross-border financing & refinancing transaction as to Airbus A380 aircrafts, simultaneously the first cross-border finance support of China's policy banks for A380 type, which not only fills in the gap that domestic leasing companies cooperate with foreign airlines in the financing field of A380 type, but also is the significant manifestation that the professional ability of a Chinese leasing company obtains the recognition from the international air industry.

The summit also attracted corporate representatives from a number of domestic and foreign well-known airlines, aircraft leasing companies, and financial institutions, as well as experts of the industry to carry out a full discussion as to the aircraft leasing business and its upstream-downstream closely related new changes of policy, new requirements of regulation, new demands of asset management and new trend of the market etc.

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