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On August 26, 2017, the “Massive Health Industry Development Summit 2017” & First Minsheng Financial Leasing Industry-Finance Seminar jointly organized by Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd and Focusing NEEQ of CCTV Securities Information Channel was held successfully at Beijing Friendship Hotel. Zhou Wei, Chairman of Minsheng Financial Leasing delivered a speech at the conference.

With the publication of Planning Summary of "Healthy China 2030", the massive health industry as the “Fifth Wave of Wealth” is still making progress, with great potential. All parties of the industry chain and capital chain are looking for directions and opportunities. Chairman Zhou pointed out that the medical industry has high demand for financial leasing and will form more close cooperative relations with finnacial leasing. Minsheng Financial Leasing will actively support the integration of massive health industry chain, professional development of segment market in the industry, the development of new products, new technology and new mode in the industy, and bigger and stronger massive health industry.

Professor Liu Yuanli, a member of the Expert Committee on Health Policy & Management of the Ministry of Health, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Healthy China Strategy under Global Perspective" at the conference.

Professor Liu pointed out that there are three development trends for global health service industry: the first is health-oriented economic development and health economy will occupy increasing proportion in the whole national economy; the second is the diversification of health service, the connotation and extension of health services are expanding rapidly due to the diversity of health sci-tech innovation and demand; the third is health resources integration, people will intensify the integration of service resources and medicine will step toward holistic & team medical science.

At present, the speed and scale of population aging in China ranks the first in the world. There is a great difference between the demand for and supply of elderly services, and the elderly service industry is facing a huge gap. Professor Liu said that, in the future, the "sunset" crowd will lead the development of old-age real estate, old-age finance, old-age culture, elderly health care and other emerging "sunrise" industries.

Professor Yang Liming, Executive Chairman of China Medical and Health Development Foundation, was invited to show his thoughts on the positioning and development of public welfare organizations under the new situation.

On the Conference, the participants also conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges as to the issues of “development mode of medical industry under the new situation”, “new development opportunities for all parties of medical industry chain”, and “integration and development of finance and massive health industry” etc.

As a builder and participant of massive health industry, Minsheng Financial Leasing has been exploring the opportunities for deep cooperation with the industry, and up to now has completed accumulative cooperation with nearly one hundred cities covering nearly one huandred projects with amount up to 6.6 billion Yuan in the massive health industry.

This summit focused on massive health industry chain with hospital as the core, explored the opportunities and challenges faced by the health industry, which attracted more than 200 participants to attend the conference including authoritative experts and industry elites such as Liu Yuanli, Professor and Dean of Public Health School of Peking Union Medical College, Professor Yang Liming, Executive Chairman of China Medical and Health Development Foundation etc.
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