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On September 20, 2017 when the representatives of three parties including Minsheng Financial Leasing, Maersk Line and HSH Nordbank AG signed the documents of ships handover, Maersk Line officially completed operating lease project delivery of five 13100TEU container ships.

The project totals more than US$500 million, which is the largest single-amount project of ship operating lease in the history of Minsheng Financial Leasing, that is, the Company purchased five 13100TEU container ships from HSH Nordbank AG and then leased them to Maersk Line which ranks first in the global liner industry by way of operating lease.
With excellent professional ability and distinctive bidding scheme, the Company came to the fore in numerous leasing companies and eventually won the trust of Maersk Line. The project only spent more than one month from the determination of transaction intention to the delivery completion of all 5 ships. The professionalism and efficiency of the Company’s ship team in the process of project promotion are highly recognized and praised by Maersk Line.

Maersk Line is a liner shipping company affiliating to Danish giant Maersk Group, which is the world's largest liner shipping company. It is also an important customer with which the international ship investment and financing institutions are eager for cooperating. This transaction is the first official cooperation between the Company and Maersk Line, also a collaboration of the Company with top-level shipping company once again many years later after the Company cooerated with Mediterranean Shipping and CMA-CGM ranking second and third liner companies in the world. This cooperation further consolidates and upgrades the brand image of Minsheng Financial Leasing in the international market, which is an significant step of the Company in efforts to create an international and professional financial leasing company.

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