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On the morning of May 16, 2017, Hu Qinghua, Chief Risk Officer of parent bank, together with the heads of Risk Management and Quality Supervision Department, Business Risk Management Department, Legal Compliance Department, Development Planning Department etc from parent bank, came to our company for investigation and guidance. The participants of our company who attended the investigation symposium include Zhou Wei, Chairman of the Company, Liu Chaoyang, Supervisor of the Company and Secretary of CPC the Company’s Committee, Wan Xiaofang, President of the Company, Shen Hui, the Company’s Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, all members of the management team and heads of relevant departments.

At the symposium, President Wan Xiaofang made a report about the Company’s operation and risk management, especially the Company’s reform of risk management system, comprehensive risk management, risk and business synergy with parent bank etc in recent years, and requested the parent bank to collaboratively solve the related problems and suggestions.

Subsequently, Liu Chaoyang, Supervisor of the Company and Secretary of CPC the Company’s Committee, reviewed the development of the Company and pointed out frankly that the Company was currently in a relatively difficult period due to the gradual exposure of risk issues. Since 2016, the Company has given more efforts to improve risk management, and has successively carried out special work of "thunder action" and "sword-showing project" with some achievements. In the future, the Company would continue to strictly control the risks.

Then, Chairman Zhou Wei summed up the experience and lessons in business development and risk management of the Company since its establishment nine years ago, made it clear that the Company would firmly implement the "one body, two wings" development strategy, adhere to the promotion of comprehensive reform including temporary and permanent solutions, and fully play the leasing advantages and features to form differentiation and complementary management with parent bank, establishing risk management system with Minsheng’s characteristics and leasing features. Zhou said that the company would adhere to independently solving problems under the perfect corporate governance structure, and simultaneously continue to actively promote the risk and business collaboration with the parent bank.

After listening to the work reports made by three executives of the Company, the managers from parent bank including Hou Yong, Deputy General Manager of Development Planning Department, Huang Shaohui, General Manager of Business Risk Management Department, Li Ziyu, General Manager of Risk Management and Quality Supervision Department, and Chen Jun, General Manager of Legal Compliance Department, from their managed work fields respectively, put forward opinions and suggestions such as the Company’s work development in future, how to cooperate with the parent bank.

Hu Qinghua, Chief Risk Officer of parent bank, fully affirmed the achievements of the Company in the past nine years, and made a high degree of recognition for the Company's development strategy, focus on risk issues and reform measures. He believed that the current problems faced by the Company were controllable and could surely be resolved, and the parent bank would continue to give full support. At the same time, Hu pointed out that the financial leasing industry still had large space for development. Our company should adhere to targeting the external market and make full use of the parent bank’s resources, and the future would still be promising. Hu put forward four requirements on risk management of our company: The first is to make a firm decision to solve the stock problem; the second is to enhance the operational ability to solve problems in business development; the third is to remodel a good risk and compliance culture; the fourth is to strengthen the overall risk management. Hu was convinced that the Company would continuously remain the leading position in the leasing industry when solving the problems faced by the Company.

Finally, Chairman Zhou Wei said, the Company would uphold the original intention and sense of responsibility, regardless of difficulties and pursuit of excellence, to solidly push forward and implement the risk management requirements of parent bank for our company, for the purpose of achieving the Company's strategic development goals.

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