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Minsheng Financial Leasing: Leasing is an important part of green financial system

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On August 27th, Zhou Wei, Chairman of Minsheng Financial Leasing attended the "Tianjin Green Finance Forum" jointly hosted by China Forty Forum and Northern New Financial Research Institute, and the leaders from the People's Bank of China, CBRC, CSRC and a number of financial institutions, and experts and scholars, government officials attended the forum.

At the forum, Zhou Wei proposed that leasing is an important part of the green financial system, with detailed content as follows:

Distinguished leaders:

Good afternoon!I’m very pleased to participate in the first Tianjin Green Finance Forum. The "13th Five-Year Plan" clearly proposes the concept of green development and the strategy of green financial system construction. With the rapid development of green finance, it has gradually become the driving force for economic restructuring and green development. As a financial format closely linking with the real economy, leasing has assumed an important role in promoting green development.

With this opportunity, I would like to, from the perspective of leasing, talk about the theme that “Leasing is an important part of the green financial system”. Now I will share and discuss it with your from three aspects.

I. Leasing is an important part of the green financial system

The leasing industry in China started in the 1980s when the main purpose of leasing industry development is to introduce advanced machinery and equipment. In 2007, the state allowed the commercial banks to establish financial leasing companies so that the leasing industry in China ushered in a period of rapid development with current asset size more than 4 trillion Yuan. Although the less proportion in the entire financial system, Chinese leasing industry has a strong green consciousness from the beginning, and plays an important role in supporting the green fields such as new energy, clean energy, sewage treatment, energy-saving and emission-reduction etc, promoting the development of the green economy.

With Minsheng Financial Leasing as an example, from the establishment in 2008, we entered the field of green finance, and continuously developed green leasing business, mainly including two aspects:
The first is to provide environmental pollution-inhibited products. We implement energy-saving technological transformation projects including waste gas treatment, desulfurization and denitration, cogeneration etc for steel, chemical and other traditional industries, actively provide green credit support, and promote the traditional industry to constantly achieve energy-saving and reduce environmental pollution.
The second is to create environmentally-friendly products, greatly develop green environmental protection industry such as new energy, clean energy, air treatment, sewage treatment, garbage power generation, biomass power generation etc. We provide new energy bus leasing services for dozens of public transport enterprises such as Beijing Bus Group, Handan Bus Group and Qingdao Bus Group etc, with green funds more than 5 billion Yuan; we provide green loans of more than 4 billion Yuan to over 20 environmental protection enterprises such as Xiamen Savings Environment Protection, and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Jinjiang Green Energy etc, supporting the R&D and promotion of green technology.

II. Leasing has its own unique advantages in the green financial system

Compared with bank and other traditional finance, leasing has its own unique advantages in the green financial system, with outstanding performance in three areas:

First, leasing has the dual attributes of investment and financing, which can directly serve the green economy and realize the close combination with the green economy.

Second, the product has long term of lease, which can match the long-term nature of green projects, with a better solution to the current maturity mismatch problem of green finance.

Third, Leasing is the booster of green technology, which can not only provide green credit for green environment protection enterprises to solve the financial needs, but also promote the sale of green equipment so as to accelerate the development of green technology.

III. The recommendations for future development of green finance

First, it is proposed that the lease will be incorporated into the green financial system, which therefore helps speed up the construction of a comprehensive green financial system.

Second, it is recommended to support the leasing companies which develop green leasing business, and they can enjoy the same discount loans, preferential loans, guarantees and tax deduction and exemption and other preferential treatment like other green financial institutions.

Third, it is recommended that governments at all levels shall increase the procurement of green leasing products, such as PPP projects.

Fourth, it is recommended to support leasing companies to issue green bonds.

Thank you all!
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