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On December 30, 2016, Bejing Business Aviation Association, jointly initiated by Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Deer Jet, Hanenergy, China World Trade Exhibition Company and Absolute Media Group, was officially registered and founded.

This is the first domestic professional association organization in business aviation field, and it’s aimed at promoting the development of China’s business aviation, strengthening international communication and cooperation, improving overall quality of practitioners, increasing overall management level of the industry and innovating the management mode, so as to promote its healthy development. As a milestone achieved in the history of China’s business aviation, founding of Beijing Business Aviation Association is surely to promote the development of China’s business aviation.

Zhou Wei, President of Minsheng Financial Leasing and Honorary President of Beijing Business Aviation Association, delivered speech on the founding ceremony, and while making congratulations, he pointed out, as an important member, Minsheng Financial Leasing has initiated global development strategy of business aviation, and it’s planned to deliver 150 business aircrafts in Chinese market, fully supporting the development of China’s business aviation, and promoting the integration of China’s business aviation into world business aviation system.

In the “Annual Best Selection Activity of China’s Business Aviation” held on current day, Minsheng Financial Leasing was awarded the “Annual Prize for Best Financing Institution” and “Annual Prize on the Promotion of Business Aviation”.

For purpose of accumulating industry strength and realizing common development, Minsheng Financial Leasing had initiated and founded China Business Aviation Federation jointly with 7 mainstream business jet manufacturers and 11 well-known carriers from home and abroad as early as 2012. Over the past few years, through organization of such activities as industry exchange and training, China Business Aviation Federation has accumulated resources from different parties, promoted exchange and communication between industry members and created more opportunities of cooperation for the industry by taking advantage of the platform. With the federation’s continuous development and growth, members increasingly experience the necessity of founding the industry association. On December 30, 2016, after over half a year of preparation work and approval by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, Beijing Business Aviation Association was founded in Beijing, and its members are recruited on a national basis.

As one of the founding fathers, Minsheng Financial Leasing, through eight years of development, has currently become the largest business jet leasing company in Asia and leader of Asian business aviation industry, and it has nearly 200 jets, among which, 155 are business ones. As towards the end of November 2016, Minsheng Financial Leasing has delivered 102 business jets, accomplished overseas business jet financing and leasing business worth the value of 8.1 billion yuan in all, and it’s planned, through acquisition of business jet asset package and leasing company, to become the largest business jet leasing company in the world by 2020.

On the current-day founding conference, the Articles of Association and other management measures were passed and approved by all member representatives, who elected President of Minsheng Financial Leasing Zhou Wei to serve as the Honorary President and President of the Jet Leasing Business Department Wang Fuhou as Vice President, as well as member units for the first session of council.
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