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President Wan Xiaofang met with the leaders of Xi'an High-tech Zone 

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On December 8, 2016, Wan Xiaofang, President of our company met with Yang Renhua, Executive Deputy Director of Xi'an High-tech Zone and the relevant leaders of Finance Bureau and Finance Office of Xi’an High-tech Zone, as well as venture capital firms and other institutions in Xi'an.

President Wan Xiaofang presented Minsheng Financial Leasing’s operation situation, business sectors and the relevant information of establishing northwest business department in Shaanxi to director Yang Renhua and the relevant authorities of Xi’an High-tech Zone Government, and expressed that Minsheng Financial Leasing will provide strong support for the key projects of Xi’an High-tech Zone in the fields of electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, biomedical, and infrastructure construction etc based on the characteristics of industrial development in the Zone.

Director Yang Renhua pointed out that the financing lease is the key supported area in Shaanxi province, which shall help the technical innovation enterprises and relevant industries in the High-tech Zone use financial support to realize the technological reconstruction and upgrading, and also has important significance to promote the construction of national independent innovation area in the High-tech Zone. He also hopes that both sides will further strengthen the cooperation.

The related personnel of the Company’s Business Planning Department, Comprehensive Management Department, and Northwest Business Department (under preparatory) attended the meeting activities.
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