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Focusing on macroeconomic situation in Minsheng Financial Leasing Forum 

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Several days ago, Minsheng Leasing series forums began again at Beijing Friendship Hotel. The Company specially invited Professor Fan Jianping -- the chief economist of National Information Center to give a subject seminar themed with “Macroeconomic Outlook and Investment Opportunity Analysis”. More than 260 staff including the executives, employees of business divisions and departments attended the training, and Liu Tao, Vice President presided over the training.

Professor Fan pointed out that since the 2008 international financial crisis, the People’s Bank of China has carried the quantitative easing and price easing of monetary policy to the extremes. The current monetary easing trend can only exchange the time for reform instead of naturally leading to economic recovery. He believes that at present the main problem is the surplus funds, shortage of technology, and population aging. Therefore, around the prominent contradictions and problems to be solved in key areas, we should accelerate to get rid of institutional obstacles, implement the structural reform of supply side so as to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, further stimulating the market vitality and social creativity.

In the training for more than 3 hours, Professor Fan expounded and analyzed from on two aspects -- Chinese macroeconomic trends and macroeconomic policy choice, the current macroeconomic hot issues around the current macroeconomic/financial situation and policy, and teased out the clear economic development context. The wonderful and vivid teaching with practicability provides a reference for our company to make the business planning and industry adjustment strategy in next phase.

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