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MSFL received “Inner Mongolia Financial Business Innovation Prize of 2009”

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On December 24, 2010, Bu Xiaolin, Vice Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region signed “The Decision by the Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the Recognition and Award for Finance Work in 2009”. MSFL was granted the Financial Business Innovation Prize of 2009.

By sticking to the strategy of financial innovation, MSFL has made a significant contribution to the economic development of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Through utilising the model of regional marketing, we successfully held a product promotional conference in Huhhot, established a good relationship with the local government, enterprises and financial institutions, developed many highly-regarded customers such as Jingheng Equipment and Erdos Cashmere Group, thus successfully getting hold of the market. Through the joint efforts of the Financial Leasing Department and the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Department, the total business volume in leasing reached 2.5 billion yuan.

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