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MSFL Was Awarded the “Best Commercial Model Innovation Prize for the 21st Century”

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On November 11, 2010, in the Evaluation and Selection of the 21st Century Best Commercial Model in China sponsored by 21st Century Business Review and 21st Century Business Herald, MSFL was awarded the “Best Commercial Model Innovation Prize of the 21st Century” as a result of its outstanding performance in innovations in commercial models. The Evaluation and Selection of the 21st Century Best Commercial Model was one of the most influential business evaluation and award events in China, serving the purpose of setting new benchmarks for Chinese enterprises. MSFL’s achievements in the shipping leasing business was highly commended by the Evaluation Committee, who stated that: “MSFL has made bold innovations in the ship leasing business through creating, for the first time, the Joint Leasing Model that has activated the key function of financial leasing and has provided repeat orders for upstream shipbuilding companies, and new profit-making tools for downstream shipping companies. This new model has had the effect of driving a healthy and stable developmental process through eliminating less competitive players, and has received wide recognition in the industry.” MSFL was the only non-bank financial institution to receive any awards at this year’s event. A total of ten enterprises received the Best Commercial Model Innovation Prize, among which were famous companies such as IBM, Intel, COFCO and Nokia.
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