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Feedback to Society - MSFL donated 1 million yuan to children with cerebral palsy in Henan.

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On April 23, in the donation ceremony held in Pingdingshan, Henan province, Zhou Wei, President of MSFL, made a donation of 1 million yuan, on behalf of MSFL to Jingeng Hospital in Ruyang City in Henan province, providing funding assistance for the medical treatment of orphans with cerebral palsy. Also present at the ceremony were leaders from the Pingdingshan Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, the Municipal Government as well as Kong Linshang, Chairman, Liu Chaoyang, Chief Supervisor, and Zhou Wei, President as well as the employee representatives of MSFL.

More than 10 million yuan has been invested in the Jingeng Rehabilitation Hospital since it was founded in Ruzhou. It has treated and provided food and lodging free of charge to more than 140 orphans with cerebral palsy. 46 of the orphans have been adopted by overseas adoption organisations, and will soon be travelling to various overseas destinations. Jingeng Hospital’s charitable activities have moved all the employees working at MSFL. In the speech delivered to all the guests attending the ceremony, MSFL’s Executive Vice President, Wang Rong, said that in the past three years, since the founding of MSFL, the company has never forgotten its identity as a corporate citizen, and has taken every opportunity to give back to the society and take care of its social responsibility. She hoped that this donation would provide better treatment to the orphans, and give them a better chance to improve their condition.

Song Zhaopu, the Director of Jingeng Hospital, expressed his sincere gratitude to MSFL for the donation, and said that the hospital would continue to rescue and treat abandoned children with cerebral palsy.

Pei Jianzhong, Chairman of Pingdingshan Political Consultative Conference, said in his speech that MSFL’s charitable action symbolised its strong sense of social responsibility, and willingness to give back to society. Using MSFL as an example, he hoped that more enterprises would join in their charitable efforts, and to provide more care and help to people in need.

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