Environmental equipment leasing

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Guided by national economic policy, it directs is development mainly towards the three fields of energy saving, One Belt One Road, and high-end equipment, focuses on the treatment of air, water pollution and solid waste, power generation by waste heat, large equipment, intelligent robot and other relevant fields, and provides overall leasing solutions for customers.


Energy-efficient and environment-friendly production equipment

Target customer

Large private-owned business,listed company, state-owned enterprise, and outstanding small- and medium-sized enterprise.

Business characteristics
Provide direct leasing and equipment leaseback services for power generation by waste and solid waste treatment in China.
Provide direct leasing and equipment leaseback services for urban household and industrial wastewater treatment, water conservancy and hydropower construction.
Provide direct leasing and equipment leaseback for the desulfurization and denitrogenation in manufacturers, including major domestic power plants, cement plants, steel plants
Provide financial leasing and operation leasing for projects, such as PPP, EPC, BOT, and BOO, based on the features of the industry and project.
Business model
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