Energy Equipment Leasing

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Provide comprehensive leasing solution ranging from capital, product and business support mainly for coal, oil, liquefied natural gas, electric power, energy, chemical industry, liquefied natural gas and other relevant industry.


Production equipment, pipe network and etc.

Target customer

Large- and medium- sized state-owned enterprises and private-owned enterprises

Business characteristic
Provide traditional sales & backlease as well as equipment direct leasing services for the target clients to expand their production scale and to complement liquid capital.
Actively leverage the channels and professional advantages and provide M&A funds for the leading enterprises to promote the extension of industrial chain and industrial integration.
In depth mining the needs of listed companies to provide leasing + diversified financial services of investment banks with the capital market as the media and exit channels.
  • The mode of leasing products includes post-sale leaseback, direct leasing, supplier leasing, percentage leasing, joint leasing etc.
  • Trade chain financing: we can flexibly arrange financing scheme according to enterprise’s business cycle, and take a unique risk control program to improve the recovery frequency and use efficiency of the funds.
  • T+N way: we will unite banks, trust, leasing and other financial institutions to provide financing solutions with high asset turnover rate for the clients.
Classic cases
  • 18.022016

    Some listed energy and chemical company of chlor-alkali chemical industry. It ranks among the top regarding its production capacity and profitability, which produces 640,000 tons o...
  • 18.022016

    Minsheng Financial Lease knows that some domestic listed company often needs to carry out project establishment for downstream customers by the means of BT, where it needs to prepa...
  • 18.022016

    Some photovoltaic energy company, with advanced production technology of silicon thin film and environment-friendly production procedures, is able to provide highly-efficient, low-...
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