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  • General?Manager?of?department,?deputy?general?manager,?assistant?general?manager,?senior?director
    1. To carry out leasing business as for the business under management in the industry, complete the operating budget and other objectives released by the Company.
    2. To research and develop leasing products and conduct leasing project innovation according to the business development planning and client demands.
    3. To pay close attention to market trends, grasp the industry information, develop, maintain and coordinate various kinds of business cooperative relations, effectively develop the market, and ensure the positive expansion and normal operation of the projects.
    4. Be responsible for the maintenance and exploitation of customer relationship.
    5. To assist the Company to continuously improve the operational risk management system.
    6. Be responsible for the innovation of investment banking products and improvement of service capabilities.
    Recruiting Numbers:
    several persons
    Release date:2016-03-22

    Resumes sent to the email below, please
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