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Our company held a successful training of tax knowledge for lease business

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In order to better implement our company’s \"one body, two wings\" strategy to address the taxation issues encountered by various business lines in the process of developing financing and leasing business, a few days ago the Plan & Finance Department and Human Resources Department of our company jointly organized a special lecture on taxation knowledge of leasing business, and invited KPMG tax experts to give interpretation as to the new policies including pilot work of VAT replacement of business tax (also called “camp to add\") and taxation policy of leasing industry. There were totally 200 employees of all business lines of our company participating in the training.


In this lecture, the tax experts interpreted in detail for the trainees as to the new policy of VAT replacement of business tax relevant to the leasing business, notes to relevant tax treatment for cross-border leasing business, and the impact of new tax policy on leasing industry etc, and detailed the questions of finance and taxation proposed by the trainees in the process of interaction.
At the end of the lecture, the trainees expressed successively that the training targeted strongly, the lecturers focused on connection between theory and practice with lively teaching forms, thorough explanations and much benefits to the all.

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