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President Zhou Wei Met with Rolls-Royce CEO Tony Wood

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Mr. Tony Wood, CEO of Rolls-Royce, a world renowned aircraft engine maker, paid a visit to the company on July 2nd. President Zhou Wei received and met with Mr. Wood and held a business talk. The two sides introduced the development of their own companies respectively, and reached a cooperation agreement.

Mr. Wood said, Rolls-Royce engine manufacturer is committed to developing engines for bizjet/private jets, civil aviation transport aircrafts, and military airplanes, and he is very happy that ahead of the meeting, the two sides have already had cooperation in bizjet. And he also hoped that there can have new cooperation in civil aviation transport in the future.


Mr. Zhou expressed, as a pioneer and leader of the bizjet leasing industry, Minsheng FL is willing to continue the cooperation with Rolls-Royce, and since the second half of last year, the Company has engaged in the leasing of civil aviation transport aircraft. It is believed that the two sides will have a broader and deeper cooperation in the civil aviation transport leasing, engine leasing and second-hand engine business, and he hoped the ties and communication between the two to be strengthened.
Rolls-Royce was founded in England in 1906, and is one of the three major aviation engine manufacturers in the world. The engines it manufactured are installed in nearly 70 kinds of military and civilian aircrafts in the western countries, including Boeing and airbus series. At the same time, the company also offers power engines for a variety of bizjets, such as G450 / G550 / G650 of gulfstream series, Global models of Bombardier series, and the L650 model of Brazil series, which all are installed with the Rolls-Royce engines.

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