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International Financial Leasing Expert Sudhir Amembal Delivered Teachings for the \"Training Program of Minsheng Financial Lease\"

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On June 27, the company held a seminar in Beijing Friendship Hotel titled \"Lear Successful Management Strategies from Mature Markets\" in the series of \"Training Program of Minsheng Leasing Finance Co. Ltd\", and invited Professor Sudhir Amembal, a senior expert in international financing leasing, to give lectures for the mid-level managers of the company. Liu Chaoyang, top supervisor of the company, and Zhou Wei, the Company’ President, along with other leaders, attended the seminar which was anchored by Mr. Wang Rong, standing vice President and CFO of the Company. 


Mr. Amembal expounded on the current development of world financial leasing industry, the evolutions of leasing strategy, and the driving forces of the industry, and the situation of the US financial leasing market, then, he explained emphatically on the management objectives, strategy differentiations, financial indicators, operating model and product innovations which should be based by typical financial leasing company. 
According to the data analysis of the global leasing market, Mr. Amembal expressed optimistic for the development of China\'s financial leasing industry; and based on the comparative analysis of the financial leasing industry developments between China and the United States, he suggested Chinese companies should closely focus on the two pillars i.e. \"service differentiation\" and \"operation excellence\" to seek niche businesses, meanwhile, should be committed to product innovation, set up quality management strategy, and realize mutual benefit and win-win results with customers.   
The lecture of Mr. Amembal was pertinent, inspiring and forward-looking, causing participants great interesting and creating a warm interaction atmosphere between them. They discussed enthusiastically the details and hot issues with him.   

After the lecture, President Zhou Wei gave a wonderful  review on the lecture and discussion, while encouraging people of the company to strengthen the efforts of theoretical research, transform the institution into a learning organization, and in light of the knowledge learned in trainings, explore a whole set of financial leasing theories for China.    


Mr. Amembal is the world\'s most famous leasing expert, and has long time assumed the Presidency of the annual World Financial Leasing Conference. His lectures will push the \"Training Program of Minsheng Leasing Finance\" to a new height, and will also promote the company to improve management and operation ability and provide strong impetus for implementation of the plan of the company during the“12th Five-Year Plan\". 

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