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The Company Is Named as One of the 2013 Top 100 Enterprises by Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone & Tianjin Airport Economic Zone

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Recently, the Management Committee of Tianjin Port FTZ has titled the company one of the \"2013 Top 100 Enterprises of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone & Tianjin Port Airport Economic Zone\", in recognition of the company outstanding contributions to the development of Binhai New Area. The company is ranked the top in the class of “Others\", along with other large state-owned enterprises such as China mobile and  China Unicom Tianjin in the same group.
The company has been successively named the title of the Top 100 Enterprise for several years in a row. According to a statistics, the total of taxes that the company paid in 2013 was RMB1.1 billion Yuan, up 51% YOY, as of the end of 2013, the accumulated taxes the company had paid reached up to RMB 2.75 billion Yuan.

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