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The Company has Successfully Carried out the New Employees Trainings

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During June 8th – 10th, the Company had conducted the induction training for the 2014 new employees at the Training Institute of Minsheng Bank. The training was held mainly for the new recruits recruited this year, aiming to raise their awareness of dedication and passion in their serves, and promote them to know more of the jobs they will serve, to strictly comply with the company rules and regulations, to seriously perform duties in accordance with the operation specifications, and to quickly engage in the company culture. Kong Linshan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Liu Chaoyang, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and Zhou Wei, President of the company, attended the commencement and graduation ceremonies of the training, and addressed at the ceremonies.  


At the graduation ceremony, Mr. Kong delivered an important speech centering on \"the Spirit of Minsheng”, encouraging the new employees to strive for the no. 1, follow common practices of market economy, pay importance to performances, and be dedicated to innovations. He emphatically required the new employees should be committed, passionate, genuine, and benevolent in their services; and encouraged them to plan their own way of career development through their continuous self improvements, and to make large achievements in the Minsheng Financial Leasing Co. Ltd.  

Chief Supervisor Mr. Liu Chaoyang and President Zhou Wei also raised the job requirements and expectations for new employees. 


Key employees of various departments of the Company have come to teach knowledge in each respective sector for the new employees. The Company also specially invited lecturers from the Minsheng bank, commercial Banks and other well-known colleges and universities to teach at the class. The training is rich in contents and forms, and has achieved the expected objectives, desired ends, and effects. 
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