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Chairman Kong Linshan met with vice President Joe Lombardo group of the general dynamics

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On February 27, 2014, chairman Kong Linshan met with vice President Mr. Joe Lombardo of the U. S. general dynamics and the top group of its subsidiary company Gulfstream Aerospace Company; The two sides have made in-depth and friendly discussions about the recent situations of development and new areas of cooperation. Zhang Bo, vice President of the company and President of aircraft leasing business division, and others also attended the meeting.


Firstly, chairman Kong Linshan expressed thanks for the services and supports provided by Gulfstream Aerospace Company, and said that the two sides should, on the basis of improving the quality of existing products and services, strengthen the cooperation of the corporate aircraft industrial chain, to ensure the operations and after-sales services of corporate aircraft fleet in the greater China region. Chairman Kong Linshan laid special emphasis on the cooperation of maintenance factory (MRO), considering that the maintenance operation is the important foundation to ensure the normal operation of corporate aircraft, and the two sides must lay a solid foundation to achieve the leading position in the field of corporate aircraft.
Mr. Joe Lombardo said that Minsheng financial leasing is the best and most respectable partner of general dynamics and Gulfstream Aerospace company, and expressed thanks for their support and concern for Minsheng financial leasing. Mr. Joe Lombardo and top level of Gulfstream Aerospace quite agree with the viewpoint of chairman Mr. Kong, with high confidence in the development strategy of Minsheng financial leasing, and promise to carry out in-depth and substantial cooperation with Minsheng financial leasing in the corporate aircraft industry chain, to consolidate the leading position of the two sides in the corporate aircraft market.

Finally, Zhang Bo, vice President of the company and President of aircraft leasing business division, introduced the preliminary planning for the new areas of cooperation.



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