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Win the 2013 Annual Advanced Unit of Financial Institution Legal Risk Management in China Banking Industry

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On January 14, 2014, the China Banking Association held its 2013 Annual Working Conference of Rights P-protection and Legal Risk Management in National Banking Industry conference. Our company was honored with the 2013 Annual Advanced Unit of Financial Institute Legal Risk Work in China Banking Industry Award during the conference. All financial institutions participated in the election of this award, with 18 units winning the award in the end. Our company is the only award-winning financial leasing company and also is the only award-winning financial institution from Tianjin. Meanwhile, Tao Jiang, general manager of legal compliance department, was awarded as 2013 annual advanced individual of legal risk management in banking industry.
That we won the award is due to our long-term concentration on legal compliance work and legal compliance personnel work. It reflects our company’s leading position of legal work in financial industry.

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