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Our Company Successfully Held New Employee Training Activity

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On May 19th, 2013, our company held the activity named “2013 New Employee Training on Minsheng’s Finance Leasing” which lasted three days in the training center of China Minsheng Bank. Mainly oriented towards the newcomers employed this year, the training was aimed at strengthening the dedication of new employees’ to working ethics and their strict adherence to company’s regulations. It also focused on conscientious carrying out of the posts’ operational standards and enhancement of new employees’ familiarity with the posts assumed, so that they can enter the Minsheng Bank Leasing Department company culture quickly and smoothly. 


Leaders of the company have attached high importance to this training. Zhou Wei, President of the Company, opened the training session for the new employees by making detailed and vivid interpretation and introduction with the theme of Status and Development Prospect of China’s Leasing Industry, focusing on the company’s “second five-year development strategy”, corporate culture and similar topics. At the same time, leaders of each department and the company’s professionals gave detailed and pertinent explanation and interpretation of the management control, leasing transactions, operating processes and similar topics, for the better fulfillment of duties within the newly assumed posts. 
After it was over, HR department made a comprehensive summary of the whole training, giving useful suggestions. They encouraged the participants from all departments to actively apply in practice what they have learned in the training, bringing innovation that will contribute company’s fast development. (HR)

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