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President Zhou Wei Leads Delegation to Survey Guizhou Market

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From April 24 to 25, President Zhou Wei led a delegation to survey Guizhou where he communicated effectively with local government, financial institutions and energy companies, thus pushing ahead with plans for further expansion of the Guizhou market.
During the survey, Mr. Zhou paid the first visit ever to Fu Jing, Director of the Guizhou Development and Reform Commission, and Zhang Yingwei, Director of the Guizhou Energy Bureau. Both parties had an in-depth exchange on possibilities for further cooperation. Mr. Fu extended a warm welcome to the delegation, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to MSFL’s energetic support for the integration of the coal industry in Guizhou on behalf of Guizhou Provincial Government. Furthermore, he hoped that MSFL could increase their marketing efforts and accelerate the integration of the coal industry in Guizhou. Meanwhile, he said that Guizhou Provincial Government ought to ensure more policy support and strenuously create a more favorable investment environment. Mr. Zhou expressed his sincere thanks to the government departments in Guizhou and reaffirmed MSFL’s confidence in the Guizhou market. He hoped MSFL could cooperate with local government in the areas of transportation, sewage treatment and garbage power in addition to the energy field, so as to achieve a good result for both parties, and ensure mutual benefit.
In order to further entrench   business contact with local financial institutions, Mr. Zhou also communicated with the leader of the Preparatory Group from the CMSB Guizhou Branch and the Chairman of Guizhou Bank.
Mr. Zhou instigated a thorough and in-depth exchange with the leader of Preparatory Group from the CMSB Guizhou Branch and encouraged an atmosphere of cooperation, as well as jointly exploring the Guizhou coal market. Mr. Zhou said, MFSL, since its inception, has always implementing its corporate strategy and serving the development of the Group as its core duties. Nevertheless, the company’s 12th Five-year Plan has also strongly advised further strengthening of the strategic synergy with CMSB. Cooperation between both parties is expected to create a new model for bank-leasing cooperation in the future.
While visiting Guizhou, Mr. Zhou and his party alsoundertook in-depth and meticulous research on local energy companies and coal market conditions. Luo Minyan, General Manager of the Energy Equipment Leasing Divisionand Tao Ran, the Risk Officer (dispatched by the Risk Management Department) and other related operational teams participated in the survey.

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