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MSFL Aircraft Leasing Division Attended ABACE 2013

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From April 16-18, 2013, Zhang Bo, Deputy Chairman of MSFL Aircraft Leasing Division took his personnel to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in order to attend ABACE 2013. At this air show, MSFL hosted the joining ceremony for new members of the 2013 China Business Jet Alliance, which has aroused a lot of interest in the industry and the media.


At the previous ABACE, held in March 2012, MSFL launched and established China Business Jet Alliance. This year, four business jet organizations, namely, Minsheng International General Aviation, NETJETS, METROJET and Hawker Pacific, joined  the Alliance, so the Alliance members now amount to 21, covering the major manufacturers, operators, service providers and repairers of business jets both at home and abroad.
Zhang Bo, Deputy Chairman of MSFL Aircraft Leasing Division, said that China Business Jet Alliance welcomes enterprises in the international business jet field who are experienced, capable and willing to dedicate their efforts to the development and construction of the business jet industry in China. MSFL will strengthen existing cooperation with manufacturers based on the platform of the Alliance, and import international high specification business jets into China by means of large-scale fleet procurement. Meanwhile, the industrial standards and norms will be established as soon as possible, so that the products and services of domestic operators can act on international conventions.
MSFL also set up an exhibition stand at the air show in order to further publicize the Minsheng business jet leasing brand, communicate with a large number of business jet manufacturers, operators, financing organizations and clients, and expand their aircraft leasing business.
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