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MSFL Held Successful Five-Year Anniversary Forum

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On the afternoon of 18th, April 2013, MSFL held successful five-year anniversary forum. People who participated included: Guo Qiming, Inspector of Tianjin Bank Regulatory Bureau; Lu Yingbo, Vice Director of the Tianjin Konggang Economic Zone Management Commission; shareholders; members of the board of directors; members of the board of supervisors; the Principal of theStrategic Investment Department of the China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. (CMBC) Board of Directors; high level executives; and the directors of various departments. 


A comprehensive summary and review was given at the forum. The development strategy and fundamental task was also specifically elaborated upon. The supervisors and shareholders both affirmed the achievements made in the past five years and passed the second five-year plan. Inspector Guo Qiming  evaluated the development of MSFL in the past five years very positively, as well as its organisation of the “Second Five-Year Plan”. He brought forward suggestions and hope for the “Second Five-Year Plan” such as increasing core competitiveness, promoting strategic cooperation with CMBC, and improving the reform incentive mechanism, etc.  

Leaders who attended the forum also included: Dong Wenbiao, chairman of CMBC Board of Directors; Hong Qi, President of CMBC; Duan Qingshan, Board of Supervisors; and Liang Yutang, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. They joined the dinner party along with the participating guests, showing their appreciation of the changes of the past five years and expressing their requirements and hopes for the next stage of development.  
The anniversary and dinner party  concluded, and was a  complete success, and everyone there enjoyed the  easy and relaxed atmosphere. 

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