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MSFL Won Award of “2012 Annual Winselling· Best Financing Channel Innovation”

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On December 18, 2012, the 3rd “CBN Marketing Festival” was held in Sofitel Wanda Beijing. Marketing experts from renowned enterprises gathered on the Festival, sharing with each other the marketing achievements, discussing marketing innovation and searching for competition in the blue ocean. The Festival also solemnly issued the 2012 annual marketing awards. With its outstanding performance in financing channel innovation, MSFL won the award of “2012 Annual Winselling·Best Financing Channel Innovation”.
“CBN Marketing Festival” is a high-level annual marketing event specially launched by CBN, a leading professional financial media, on the basis of integrating all of its media platforms. Following the successful holding of the first festival in 2010, the 2012 Marketing Festival takes “Innovation?Interaction” as the annual theme, adopts unique “Winselling” selection model and joints efforts with CBN in selecting demonstrative enterprises with marketing innovation, sharing classical cases of multilateral interaction, encouraging marketing innovation and promoting marketing examples, and presenting the most updated marketing information and trends for the business world. After more than 4 months of making questionnaire, public research and case study, the four main awards were finally selected, including “Annual Winselling Award”, “Annual Marketing Service Award”, “Award of Annual Digital Marketing Platform” and “Annual Marketing Advertisement Award”.
As the “lifeline” of leasing companies, abundant capital sources and smooth financing channels are the basis for ensuring the survival and development of leasing companies. In recent years, MSFL has been exploring domestic and overseas markets while keeping maintain and extending its existing financial channels, actively searching for innovative explorations in liability businesses and constantly making new breakthroughs. While optimizing the company’s asset liability structure and preventing potential liquidity risks, MSFL has effectively reduced its overall financing cost and ensured a sustainable development of the company. On August 27, 2012, under the great support and assistance of Tianjin Municipal Government and Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, MSFL successfully obtained an international commercial loan of RMB 2 billion borrowed by National Development and Reform Commission in Hong Kong, mainly for MSEL to carry out shipping and business-jet leasing businesses abroad. This is the first time for a domestic non-banking financial institution to acquire overseas mid-and-long-term RMB commercial loan, which not only demonstrates a substantial breakthrough for China’s financial leasing industry in liability business and in solving the financing “bottleneck”, but also means that MSFL has made major innovations in liability business, setting up a successful precedent in exploring multi-channel, multi-market and multi-approach solution to the funding problems of leasing companies. Therefore, winning the Winselling Award represents the society’s commendation and recognition of MSEL’s achievements in financing channel innovation.

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