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A discussion with the delegation led by Danish ambassador to China

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On the morning of March 27, a delegation led by Ms. Helle Meinertz, Danish ambassador to China, including Ms. Li Huidong, Beijing Representative Office of Invest in Denmark, and Ms. Ji Xiuqing, Invest in Copenhagen etc visited Minsheng Financial Leasing (MFL). Wan Xiaofang, President of MFL together with her staff such as Yang Jingwei, President of Ship Leasing BU, Yang Yanping, General Manager of Comprehensive Management Department and other responsible persons of MFL conducted a discussion with the guests.

At the discussion, President Wan Xiaofang introduced the overall situation of MFL's development, and said that as a traditional maritime power, Denmark is an important part of the world maritime industry chain. As the leading ship investment and financing company in China, MFL attached great importance to the development of Danish market and had established a good business cooperation relationship with Danish shipping customers. In the future, MFL hoped to be closer to the Danish market and to conduct more cooperation with Danish shipping companies, ship management companies, financial institutions and other maritime agencies.

Ms. Helle Meinertz, Danish ambassador to China gave her thanks to MFL for its focusing on Danish market, and simultaneously also expressed her welcome and support. Then she introduced the development situation of Danish maritime industry, analyzed the advantage of Copenhagen as a shipping center in Europe in global shipping industry and financial sector. She said that next step she would build a China-Denmark communication platform for industry financing based on the levels of governments to provide more support for both win-win development.

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