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Hong Qi, Chairman of China Minsheng Bank, together with his executives visits Minsheng Financial Leasing for work survey and guidance

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At the 10th anniversary of Minsheng Financial Leasing (MFL) on March 13, 2018, Hong Qi, Chairman of China Minsheng Bank (CMB), together with his executives including Shen Jianjun, General Manager of the Office of Strategic Investment Committee of CMB Board and Chen Jinhong, General Manager of the Office of Risk Management Committee of CMB Board, visited MFL for work survey and guidance. The MFL’s senior executives, all management members and the heads of relevant departments participated in the discussion.

During the discussion, Wan Xiaofang, President of MFL focused on reporting the operation management measures and highlights in 2017 as well as the next work arrangement. Li Jian, Chief Supervisor of MFL gave feedback to the leaders of CMB as to the difficulties encountered by MFL in the aspects of shareholder supervision and appraisal mode etc.

Then, Zhou Wei, Chairman of MFL reviewed the development process of MFL over the past ten years, summarized the valuable experience and deficiency accumulated in the development of past decade, and the results achieved by MFL as a practitioner of CMB’s comprehensive management strategy, and reported the development idea of MFL in the next decade.

During the discussion, Mr. Shen Jianjun summarized the achievements of MFL in the past ten years, and put forward specific suggestions for the further business development.

After listening to the reports and exchanges, Chairman Hong made an important speech. He affirmed the achievements of MFL in the past decade and pointed out in his speech that MFL had fully played the advantages of private system and mechanism to carry forward the spirit of continuous learning and innovation, formed its own customer base and distinctive development features, and established a good reputation and brand image in the industry since its establishment in 2008.

At the meeting, Chairman Hong objectively and pertinently pointed out the problems existed in the development of MFL, and made major instructions for the future development from the six aspects such as corporate governance, strategic orientation, risk management, innovation leading, strengthening Party construction, internal management etc.

He pointed out that, from the long-term development, CMB should implement stage-based management of MFL, and gradually improve its completely independent and normative operation mode as a subsidiary on the basis of keeping close relationship between CMB and MFL, which was helpful for the steady and long-term development of MFL. He said that MFL should form a linkage with Corporate Banking Department and Private Banking Department of CMB in the aspects of strategy, customer and product to realize the complementary development with CMB.

On the highly-specialized characteristics of financial leasing industry, Chairman Hong hoped that MFL could seize the characteristics of financial leasing, focus on the exploration in the aspects of talent cultivation, mechanism improvement, and team construction etc, and promote innovation in accordance with the market principle to lead MFL to achieve high quality and characteristic development. Simultaneously, he requested to strengthen the core role of Party Committee leadership, further enhanced Party construction and ideological education. Party cadres should lead the way and guide all Party members to firmly establish “four senses”, carry forward devotion spirit, sword-showing spirit and responsibility spirit, and provide a powerful ideological and organizational guarantee for the positive and continuous development of MFL. He stressed that under the new normal of strong supervision, MFL should continuously strengthen internal management, ensure legal compliance operation, and maintain a good brand image.

Mr. Zhou Wei, on behalf of MFL, gave a model of 18400TEU super-large container ship as a gift to Mr. Hong Qi. This is MFL’s first overseas project of ship leasing in US dollar, which ship type and financing mode have a profound significance in MFL even in the development of ship leasing industry in China.

After the discussion, Chairman Hong cheerfully wrote the words of congratulation--“upright and clean character for the pursuit of excellence" as his wishes for the upcoming 10th anniversary of MFL.

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