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The second one of "9th Anniversary" series activities -- risk education theme

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On the afternoon of April 17, 2017 -- the 9th anniversary of the Company's establishment, the Company organized a meeting with theme of 9th anniversary risk education., which was chaired by Deng Yi, Chief Risk Officer. Zhou Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Liu Chaoyang, Party Secretary and Chief Supervisor, Wan Xiaofang, President of the Company, Shen Hui, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the leadership of the Company, attended the meeting, totaling more than 300 participants.

At the meeting, Deng Yi, Chief Risk Officer, made a report titled "Summary of Education on Risk Work Experience", analyzed in detail and revealed the status quo and classification of bad and inefficient assets, reason of poor and inefficient assets, and put forward the measures and requirements to deal with the current situation of risks, namely re-shape risk culture, clear the guiding position of credit policy,  and strengthen the process of management.

Subsequently, the colleagues from Ship Leasing Business Division, Jet Leasing Business Division, Energy and Equipment Leasing Department, Investment Banking Department respectively selected typical cases to conduct risk analysis for the staff.

Finally, President Wan Xiaofang made a summary on the meeting. Wan pointed out concisely that the Company will treat the risk-theme education activity as the focus of 9th anniversary series activities, reflecting that the Company attaches importance to risk compliance culture and prudent management. At the same time, she also put forward 3 requirements for risk management and customer manager of the Company: the first is to return to risk culture of reasonable duty; the second is to establish routine and continuous customer selection criteria and marketing channels; the third is that there should be the consciousness to continuously improve working ability.

During the entire risk-theme meeting, there is not only case analysis but also summary on the  experienced lessons in the aspect of risk management since the establishment of the Company. The meeting further strengthened the risk awareness and concept of all the staff, laying a good foundation for further strengthening the Company's risk management work.

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