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Chairman Zhou Wei and A Team Led By Him Paid A Visit To The People’s Bank of China, Tianjin Branch

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On the morning of February 16, 2017, Chairman Zhou Wei, President Wan Xiaofang and Vice President Luo Mingyan and a team led by them paid a visit to The People’s Bank of China, Tianjin Branch, and held a conversation with President Zhou Zhenhai and other leaders, attended by relevant personnel from sectors like Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Business Department and Financial Market Department.

Chairman Zhou Wei introduced the overall management circumstance of our company in 2016 to President Zhou, and expressed thanks towards The People’s Bank of China, Tianjin Branch for its great support over a long period of time. Meanwhile, Chairman expressed hope of continuous great support from The People’s Bank of China, Tianjin Branch on such issues as overseas market expansion, establishment of overseas subsidiaries, capital pool at home and abroad and bond issuance.

Chairman Zhou suggested, The People’s Bank of China, Tianjin Branch will consistently support the business development of our company, and he hoped that we can make good and full use of related policies, accumulating promotable and replicable successful experience for the leasing industry.

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