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Minsheng Financial Leasing appeared in Macau Business Aviation Exhibition

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Aviation-Sina news, on November 4th, the grand opening of Fifth Macau Business Aviation Exhibition was held in Macao. As one of the earliest established financial leasing companies, Minsheng Financial Leasing up to now has become the largest aircraft leasing company in Asia after eight years of development experience. In the Fifth Macau Business Aviation Exhibition, Minsheng Financial Leasing brilliantly appeared with its “Legacy 650” large corporate jets and “Lineage 1000” super-large corporate jets. In addition, we also provide financial leasing services for exhibitors. Minsheng Financial Leasing owns actual property rights of 7 jets, accounting for more than half of the 12 jets participating in the exhibition this time, which can be described as the largest exhibitor in the Fifth Macau Business Aviation Exhibition.

The best corporate jet

Brazil Aviation Industry’s “Lineage 1000” jet is the largest one in the 7 types of corporate jets manufactured by Brazil Aviation Industry Corporation. The “Lineage 1000” jet appeared this time is newly-painted with “Dragon” logo at its tail, which is very easy for people to think of the global Chinese star and philanthropist Mr. Jackie Chan who often takes the superjumbo jet to and from all corners of the world, with efficient travel.

“Legacy 650” large jet is the only one with 3-cabin independent layout in the same-grade types. Based on its advanced technology, comfortable ride and high production efficiency, it will help Chinese users travel freely throughout the world with more efficient and convenient flight.

Opportunities and challenges of business aviation leasing
As one of the highlights which are most popular in Macau Business Aviation Exhibition, the Macau Business Aviation Development Forum with "Aviation Finance and Leasing Promotes the Development of Business Aviation" as the theme was successfully held in the Fifth Macau Business Aviation Exhibition. Mr. Wang Fuhou, President of Aircraft Business Division of Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd attended the forum and delivered a speech. He pointed out that in the past two years, with the impact of domestic and international macroeconomic situation and other factors, the growth rate of domestic business aviation market presented a slow trend compared to the previous rapid growth state. But at present the business of jet is not stagnant or shrunk, instead the market demand structure has changed. In the process of adapting to these changes, we see a more diversified and more rational market. If we think that it is thick lines for the rapid development of market in the past, then the current market is more delicate with more solid demands, which put forward higher requirements for the services and business level of leasing industry. We believe that with the economic transformation and policy landing, the corporate jet leasing industry will usher in a new opportunity in the future.

Minsheng Financial Leasing has been adhering to the fine tradition of innovation and hard work from its parent bank -- Minsheng Bank, with courage to act as an industry trailbreaker, dares to innovate to win the industry respect, and has established a good brand influence by laying a solid foundation.

In future, Minsheng Financial Leasing will continuously seize the strategic opportunity, strive to become the world's leading, international and professional banking leasing group with distinctive characteristics based on the advantages of parent bank group under the guideline of the parent bank’s group-oriented and international strategy, and provide better, more diversified services for Chinese and global corporate jet market, creating a good business aviation ecosystem together with the peers.
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