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Chairman Zhou Wei met with the members of Jilin Municipal Government Party Group

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On November 28, 2016, Zhou Wei, Chairman of Misheng Financial Leasing met with Zheng Guoxue and other members of Jilin Municipal Government Party Group in Jilin City, and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges as to the development of ice-snow industry.

Zheng Guoxue expressed that Jilin is being actively built as a “white golden” city, with ice-snow industry as an opportunity to promote the development of local tourism, service and manufacturing industries.

Chairman Zhou Wei said, Minsheng Financial Leasing will actively play the characteristics and advantages of leasing to provide support and services for the healthy development of Jilin ice-snow industry. He also hoped that the Jilin Municipality will further increase the investment and policy support in the ice-snow industry in the future.

Lu Ning, General Manager of the Company’s Vehicles and Equipment Leasing Department attended the meeting as an accompanying person.
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