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Chairman Zhou Wei of Our Company Was Rated as One of “Top10 Financial Leasing Leaders of CFV”

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On November 18, “CBS Financial Value List (CFV)” of 2016 was revealed: former Chairman of ICBC and former President Yang Kaisheng were rated as Ten-year Best Banker Combination of CFV, while former President of China Merchants Bank Ma Weihua and Chairman of Bank of Beijing Yang Bingzu were elected Ten-year Bankers of CFV. Chairman of Minsheng Financial Leasing Zhou Wei won the title of “Top10 Financial Leasing Leaders of CFV”.

Selection Committee of CBS Financial Value List held that, as Chairman of Minsheng Financial Leasing and Director of Financial Leasing 30 People Forum, Zhou Wei has been the constructor and promoter of Chinese leasing industry. His contribution to the leasing industry is not only limited to the realization of rapid development of Minsheng Financial Leasing, but also, under his leadership, Minsheng Financial Leasing, in the process of internationalization, increased discourse power of Chinese leasing industry in the world.

Chairman Zhou Wei pointed out, at present, the leasing industry has deeply influenced the development of Chinese and world economy, and he is full of confidence in the prospect of the leasing industry, to his thinking, the leasing industry will still be at strategic opportunity period in the five years to come, and China will become the largest leasing market in the world.

Minsheng Financial Leasing has been devoted to providing service for state real economy, assisting enterprise growth, and promoting environmental improvement of the leasing industry, while seeking to make breakthroughs on policy research and talent cultivation in the new finance field, so as to promote healthy and sustained development of Chinese leasing industry.

Chairman Zhou Wei extends special thanks to CBS and CFV in representative of all staff from Chinese leasing industry, for to have today’s rapid development, it’s indispensable with full support provided by CBS towards this industry. And he wishes CBS to be a world No.1 financial mainstream media in the ten years to come.

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