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Our Company Won the Award of “Financial Leasing Company with Best Industry Contribution”

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On November 18, “CBN Financial Value List (CFV)”of 2016 was published in Beijing, and Minsheng Financial Leasing honorably won the award of “Financial Leasing Company with Best Industry Contribution”.

As an industry leading enterprise, Minsheng Financial Leasing has been devoted to promoting healthy and sustainable development of Chinese leasing industry, and improvement of its environment, as well as is always seeking to make breakthroughs on policy research and talent cultivation in the new finance field.
In September of this year, the 3th Global Leasing Industry Competitiveness Forum initiated by Minsheng Financial Leasing and Amembal &Halladay United Company was successfully held in Tianjin. As the first world-class leasing conference centered in China, global leasing industry competitiveness forum has been successfully held for two sessions, and it was participated by over 300 leasing enterprises and financial institutions, including a few world’s best leasing experts from Amembal & Halladay United Company, American Leasing Association, European Leasing Association and so on, who were invited to China to make ideas exchange with industry veterans, so as to promote communication of industry development experience at home and abroad, and mutual integration of theory and practice.
In the same month, China Financial Leasing 30 people Forum (Tianjin) Institute (hereinafter referred to as CFL Institute), initiated and participated by Minsheng Financial Leasing was officially established in Tianjin. CFL Institute will develop all around cooperation on aspects like introduction of large scale leading enterprise, construction of key state projects, academic communication within the industry, research on and improvement of policy and regulations, so as to fully play out the industry influence and professional authority of CFL Institute, establish a high-end platform of overall communication and research for the industry, and promote the construction of Chinese leasing environment and policy improvement, becoming “Rand” of Chinese financial leasing industry.
In March of this year, Minsheng Financial Leasing, Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange and a number of other financial institutions jointly launched and established Northern New Finance Institute, incorporating nearly 300 elites of regulators from The People’s Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission, senior executives from all sorts of financial institutions, including bank, and famous scholars from academic research institutions. In the future, Northern New Financial Institution will devote to policy research in the new finance field, strive to provide first-class research products, development high-level and effective research activities, so as to become a second-to-none new finance think-tank in Northern China, and offer suggestions and policies on financial innovation in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.

And the award of “Financial Leasing Company with Best Industry Contribution” issued by “CBS Financial Value List (CFV)” is a confirmation of Minsheng Financial Leasing who has been devoted to promoting healthy and sustainable development of China financial leasing industry and is always seeking to make breakthroughs on policy research and talent cultivation in the new finance field.

CBS Financial Value List has been successfully held for ten sessions, which comparatively authoritatively and objectively reflects values of company and products in Chinese finance industry, creates financial value evaluation standards with comparatively larger influence jointly recognized by academic circle, commercial circle and medias and its list is of industry authority and guiding character.

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