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Official Aircraft of Minsheng Financial Leasing Made A Wonderful Presentation at “Two-Exhibitions”

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Recently, Minsheng Financial Leasing made a presentation of its Legacy 650 large scale official aircraft and Hereditary 1000 extra-large official aircraft at “Two-Exhibitions”, namely, the 11th China International Aerospace Expo (referred to as Airshow China) held in Zhuhai City, and the 5th Macau Business Aviation Exhibition, and contributed no small amount of features and highlights towards these two exhibitions.

From November 1 to 6, the 11th China International Aerospace Expo was held in Zhuhai. As one of five major airshows in the world, it attracted over 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions.

During the very period mentioned above, the 5th Macau Business Aviation Exhibition was grandly opened on November 4 in Macau, which lasts for 3 days, offering a comprehensive presentation of the whole production line of business aircraft.

While the two exhibitions were being held, Minsheng Financial Leasing invited nearly a hundred quality and high-end customers from 9 different industries, including finance, aviation and insurance, to come and presented them with top business aircrafts, as well as deepened communication and cooperation with institutions from the industry, making a big advancement towards the biggest business aircraft financial leasing company in the world.

During the period of Macau Business Aviation Exhibition, the development forum themed on “Promotion of Business Aircraft Development by Aviation Finance and Leasing”, on which Mr. Wang Fuhou, President of Business Department of Minsheng Financial Leasing delivered the keynote speech. He pointed out, in the past two years, under the influence of such factors as macro-economic situation both at home and abroad, growth speed of domestic business aircraft market was slackened compared with previous rapid growth, however, rather than being stagnated and/or contracted, current business aircraft business only has structural changes occurred to its market demand.  While adapting to these changes, Minsheng Financial Leasing is encountered with a more rational market of more diversified demands. If considering previous rapid development as being in a loose manner, current market is delicate, with more solid demands and has higher and stricter demands on service and business level of the leasing industry.  Minsheng Financial Leasing believes, as economic transformation progresses and with the implementation of relevant policies, business aircraft leasing business will have whole new opportunities in the future.

At Macau Business Aviation Exhibition, Minsheng Financial Leasing exhibited 7 aircrafts with property right, which is more than half of the total 12 aircrafts, being the largest exhibitor in this session.

And one of them is Hereditary 1000 produced by Embraer S. A. , which is the business jet of largest scale among its seven types.

There was also one Legacy 650 large-scale business jet on exhibition, and it is the only type having three separate passenger cabins on the same scale. This type of business jet, by virtue of its advanced technology, ride comfort and high productivity, is capable of assisting Chinese users realize more efficient and convenient air travel through the world.

As a subsidiary controlled by China Minsheng Bank, Minsheng Financial Leasing, since 2008 when it was established, had been adhering to the good tradition of innovation and fighting of China Minsheng Bank, daring to be the pioneering leader of the industry, and it had won wide respect among the industry with the spirit of dare to innovate, and established good brand influence with highly professional management ability. And after eights years of development, it now is the biggest business aircraft leasing company in Asia.

Though business aviation has entered into China for 21 years, Chinese business aviation market is still at a preliminary stage compared with advanced countries. In the future, Minsheng Financial Leasing will more actively develop both domestic and foreign market and devote to creating a good ecological circle of business jet, providing Asia and global market with more professional and more diversified business aviation service.
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