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On December 1st, at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the China Financial Leasing Industry (sponsored by CAEFI and CBA), MSFL was among the companies honoured as the “Best Ten Enterprises in the Financial Leasing Industry of 2010”.

The meeting was held at the Beijing Hotel and had the theme of “Developing Leasing Investment and Ensuring Economic Developmental Transformation”. Mr. Zhao Xiaochuan, Chief Analyst of MSFL, was invited to attend the meeting, and participated as a distinguished guest, at the forum called “Status and Development Trends in Leasing Companies with Banking Backgrounds”. He expounded upon MSFL’s position as a “being a real leasing company, but not a fake bank” and the “3 + X” business model. He pointed out that the financial leasing companies in China had to find their own market position and business characteristics in order to become a real leasing company. He also emphasised the need to strengthen cooperation in the industry. His speech was well received by participants at the event.

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